Table Talk: Which One Is Best for Me?

Whether it’s for a meeting space, or for your breakroom, tables play an important role in office life. The form and function of your office can vary based on the office furniture you select. Tables are no exception. Sit back, relax, and take a look at our answers to some frequently asked questions about tables.

Should I go with a Round or Square Table?

If you want to encourage collaboration and conversation, go with a round table. Round tables are ideal for breakrooms and reception areas, or any other areas where collaboration happens in your office.

Square tables are great for conference rooms where training and meetings will occur. A rectangular table will offer a seat to the person in charge, and bring a power dynamic into the room. Rectangular or square tables can also be brought together, providing more room for your employees.  

What Size Table Should I Get?

There are two questions you should answer to determine the size of your conference table, in addition to table shape.

  1. What are the dimensions of your entire conference room?
  2. How many people will gather at one time?
  3. How many chairs will I need?

First, figure out the size of your room overall. Each person should have approximately 30 to 36 inches to move around. For example, say you have a conference table that can fit five employees. Using the rule mentioned above, you know that you will need approximately 150 inches (or 13.5 feet). Also, be sure that you have enough room to arrange your tables in a variety of ways, to maximize space.

What Finish is Best For Me?

Conference tables and breakroom tables should have a durable finish. This is important because these areas are highly visible to clients and guests in your office, and should not show any wear or tear. If you opt for a wood table, it should be finished with a strong seal and allow for refinishing. Thick, high-pressure laminate tables are popular within many offices thanks to their affordability. If you are looking at purchasing a metal or steel table, check and feel the overall weight of the table. The heavier it feels, the higher the quality of the table.

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