Designing a Unique Office on a Budget

Is your reception area inviting? To be sure you stay within your budget and still end up in a space you enjoy, first ask yourself:

What Is My Budget?

What is my budget?
Figuring out your budget and what you are willing to spend is your first step before shopping for office furniture. Carefully plan out with your sales person what funds you can allocate to your design or redecorating project. This will allow us to determine what would fit best in your office for both price and aesthetics. Evaluate all the items on your list and be sure to earmark at least part of your budget for unexpected costs or necessary items you, perhaps, forgot to consider. Finally, decide on a final budget – and stick to it.

What Takes Priority?

What Takes Priority?
Is the room bare? Is your desk barely standing upright? Is your office chair tattered, torn or just plain too worn to have on display? Make sure that any items that need replacing and/or are absolutely required to conduct business take top priority. A state-of-the-art laptop is wonderful, but only if you have a desk to put it on. And, a new paint job won't deter from furniture that is wobbly or in obvious need of repair.

If you don't have the funds to replace all the items that truly need replacing, choose the items you will appreciate the most, first. If a cool cubicle is all you've been dreaming of, start there. If you been longing for an ergonomic office chair, now is the time to treat yourself. You can always save money and add additional items down the road, if needed.

What Do I Want My Office to Say About Me?

What do you want to say about yourself?
The way you design the space around you speaks volumes about you to those you interact with. First impressions mean everything. Unfortunately, office designs don’t always reflect a person’s abilities, and if the wrong message is being sent to potential clients and business partners, it can cost you more than just dollars and cents.

In a world where reputation is everything, decide what message you want to send. Are you messy? Invest in some organizational pieces that will make you appear more organized. Are you creative? Add in thoughtful pieces of art to reflect your artistic side.

What Design Will Make Me Happy?

What design makes you happy?
More often than not, a happy worker is a successful worker, so whether you are a CEO or an entry-level employee working your way to the top, you are bound to be more successful and productive if you are in a space you are comfortable and happy in.

Are you traditional? Stick to traditional items. Modern? Streamline your look with more contemporary pieces.

Is baseball your passion? Are you wild about elephants? Add small details throughout your office space that reflect those interests. Just be careful not to go overboard (see Question 3 above)!

Once you’ve decided what you really want from your office space, which items you’ll need, the image you want to portray and the amount of money you can expend to make your design a reality, you can get started in creating the perfect office space for you.

You can get the look you envision, and you can get it on a budget. With deliberate planning and creativity, an eye-catching, confidence-inspiring office is just around the corner.

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