Buying Refurbished Office Furniture

Refurbished office furniture is any furniture that is returned to the market for sale, from desks and chairs to cubicles and storage.  It’s a great option for budget-conscious business owners who are more interested in function than customization.  Buying refurbished office furniture typically results in savings of 30-50 percent, and possibly more depending on the brand.

An extremely eco-friendly solution, purchasing refurbished office furniture prevents materials from ending up in landfills and eliminates any environmental impact that goes into manufacturing new furniture.

3 Types of Refurbished Office Furniture

  1. Restored to its original condition, remanufactured furniture has been disassembled, inspected, cleaned, repaired, reassembled and refinished.  You can often choose specific colors, fabrics and surfaces.
  2. Reconditioned office furniture has been repaired, cleaned and cosmetically restored, often with new paint and fabrics.
  3. This is pretty self-explanatory.  Generally offering the most savings, used office furniture is typically sold “as is” with little to no alternations or repairs.

We recommend doing some comparison shopping.  Buying refurbished office furniture instead of new furniture will almost always save you money, but it doesn’t always offer the best value.  In addition to price, compare warranties and service options.  Also, make sure you ask for a warranty, although you shouldn’t necessarily expect one with reconditioned or used office furniture.  However, the original warranty is often matched with remanufactured office furniture.

Contact us to learn more about the three classifications of refurbished office furniture and let us help you determine if buying refurbished makes the most sense for your business or organization.