Used Office Furniture Benefits & Design Ideas

For companies that are looking to save money as they furnish their office space, buying used office furniture is a good solution, as you may have learned from our New vs. Used Furniture Buying Guide. The benefits of opting for pre-owned office furniture extend even further than your company credit card.

It’s environmentally friendly. Remember the whole “reuse, reduce, recycling” philosophy you learned in grade school? It applies to buying used office furniture. According to Philanthropy by Design, approximately 3 million tons of office furniture and furnishings are discarded each year. When you purchase used office furniture, you keep several less pieces out of a landfill. Plus, at OSI Outlet we deliver within 90 miles of our Hagerstown, Maryland store; buying local reduces the amount of gas use.
It can get you LEED points. As we did not note in our New vs. Used Furniture Buying guide, buying used office furniture can help you get LEED points that you can put toward a LEED Certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It’s an internationally recognized mark of excellence in green design.

For even more benefits of buying used office furniture, view our guide.

How to Create Great Spaces with Used Office Furniture

Creating great office spaces with used office furniture is similar to creating great spaces with new office furniture. There are three main areas to focus on: breakroom, daily work areas, and conference areas. In designing each space, keep these area must haves in mind.


Breakroom Design

  • A comfortable place for employees to sit and eat.
  • Storage for food, drinks, paper products, and cutlery.

Daily Work Areas

  • Privacy
  • Enough space for employees to do their work.
  • Enough space for employees to store their office supplies and files.
  • Comfortable seating and desk.

Conference Areas

  • Used office furniture that fosters collaboration.
  • Comfortable seating.
  • A place for employees to take notes such as on a conference table or white board.

To view our used office furniture inventory, visit our website. It is always changing and products range from executive seating to filing cabinets.