4 Tips for Arranging the Office

Let’s face it … many of us spend more time in the office than we do at home. Countless companies are trying to make their office space a place that fosters creativity and encourages productivity – a place where employees can feel comfortable and look forward to working in. With some creativity of your own, you can re-arrange your office furniture in a way that makes your office space more desirable.

Herman Miller AO2 Cubicle

1. Determine Staff Needs
First and foremost, you must decide exactly what your company and employees need. Traditionally, spaces have been set up with executives in offices and other staff placed in either used or new cubicles. This is no longer always seen as productive. People still require spaces where they can work independently and quietly; however, there has been more focus on spots for collaboration and brainstorming. In order for any office space to be effective, it needs to have both types of spaces.

Herman Miller AO2 Cubicles offer plenty of privacy for employees to work independently.

2. Enjoy the View
Much research has been done concerning how important it is for people to get out and enjoy the sunshine. If your office has natural light it is imperative that you take advantage of this. If not, then avoid the mind-numbing fluorescent lighting and go for something softer. People are naturally motivated by their environments so if you happen to have great views, arrange desks in a way that takes advantage of them.

Ergonomic Office Seating
3. Choose Furniture Wisely
Choose the right furniture to create the type of space conducive to productivity. Be kind to your employees and opt for ergonomic seating. These chairs are not only comfortable, but they have been proven to increase efficiency. Another consideration is storage and function. Each space must have enough electronic outlets for laptops and enough drawers to store things.


4. Keep Clutter at Bay
How much time is wasted looking for things? Organization is key! Decreasing clutter could save your company a lot of money. Just think back to how much time you last spent looking for a certain pen or important document. Equip your employees with the right organizational tools so there’s no excuse for messy desks and documents that have “magically” gone missing.

Arranging a stress-free, productive office will always be a work-in-progress. Embrace change but don’t forget the basics. Remember that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to redesign your office. Keep it simple. Save money by purchasing used office furniture.