Office Furniture: Form & Function

Form follows function. We have all heard this phrase in one way or another, but what does it really mean? Some say that beauty results from purity of function and others will simply say that the way something looks should be determined by its purpose. Regardless, at the end of the day, your office has to be functional but that doesn’t mean it cannot be aesthetically pleasing. It also doesn’t mean you have to use all of the extra cash in this year’s budget to design an office you and your employees can be proud of. Obviously, the advantage to choosing pre-owned office furniture is the amount of money that you can save. Essentially, you will be able to buy A-grade, top brand, durable furniture for one-quarter to one-fifth of the original price.

L-shaped office desks combine form and function in any office design.  These desks provide extra storage and drawer space and are ideal for tight spaces since they can easily fit into corners. Large offices can section off portions of the room for a more stream-lined, modern or traditional look.

L-Shaped Office Desk

Ergonomic chairs promote employee health and that is good for the bottom line. The mesh, rolling office chair has proven to be popular both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. These chairs provide adjustable arm rests and the necessary lumbar support that your employee needs to prevent back problems and poor circulation. Listed below is an Allsteel Relate Mesh Back Task Chair which would cost over $1000 brand new, pre-owned it cost only $175.

Ergonomic Allsteel Relate Mesh Back Task Chair

Filing Cabinets come in an assortment of sizes and shapes for a variety of client’s preferences and needs. There are many things to consider when choosing a filing cabinet; however, spending an inordinate amount of money does not have to be one of those considerations.  Brand new, the Allsteel Persona 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet listed below would cost over $1800.00. Pre-owned, it cost only $575.

Do you have a lot of clients in the boardroom? Is it only for staff? These are the questions that you will need to ask yourself concerning form versus function when choosing a boardroom table. Laminate tables are much less expensive than wood; however, for those with a larger budget and more people to impress, wood/veneer tables can combine both form and function. If you were to buy this Nevers Custom Conference Table new, you would be paying $4500.00 instead of $2800 for the same table pre-owned.

Nevers Custom Conference Table

In this day and age, we should no longer have to make a choice. It doesn’t have to be form versus function but a combination of both. If home is where the heart is and if many of us spend more time at work than at home… it bears to reason that the office should be a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing place to go. The wise consumer knows that pre-owned furniture still has more value and more durability than brand new furniture of lesser quality. Contact us to see how we can help you combine form and function in your office space.