Five Ways to Have a Cool Cubicle on a Budget

Do you prefer a cubicle or an open office layout? This is a question that many office coordinators have been dealing with recently. Despite some offices switching to more open layout workstations, cubicles are still in. In fact, a recent study from The New York Times shows that people prefer cubicles over open workstations, despite many offices going for a more open layout.

If you are on a tight budget, how can you save money on cubicles? These tips can help you spend money elsewhere:

1. Limit your Power Panels

Limit the number of power panels you install in each cubicle. The more juice you want to provide your workstation, the higher the cost of your cubicle will be. Instead of including the panels in your workstation, you can try to run extension cords and surge protectors. You can also add a cable organizer to your cubicle to help manage your wires as they come through your workstation.

2. Maximize your Workspace

Think of the future when choosing the right cubicle. Will you be hiring more employees? Will your current staff need more than one monitor at their workstation? Questions like these are important things to keep in mind when choosing the right cubicle. Choosing a cubicle that’s slightly on the smaller size can make accommodating a new hire simpler, but make sure that you leave your employees enough space to be comfortable.

3. Buy Spare Parts Now

Have you ever purchased something and had trouble finding the parts for it a few years down the line? Purchasing spare parts for your cubicle now can help you save money in the long run. Even five years down the road, it can be difficult to find the right screws or accessories for your cubicle, which will cause these items to be more expensive. 

4. Ask your Colleagues for Referrals

Like many other things in life, it’s a good idea to ask others questions. Asking other offices in your building or area can help you choose the right pre-owned office furniture dealer. If your business is part of a local chamber of commerce, you might be able to offer some products or services and get a discount on your cubicles.

5.Buy Previously Owned Cubicles

Buying a previously owned cubicle can help your business save a significant amount of money that can be spent on other things.  Save money on your cubicle today.