Advantages of Purchasing Used Office Furniture

The main reason why most people purchase used office furniture is because it is heavily discounted. However, there are some other things that you save on as well besides money, including time and the environment. Here are the advantages of buying used office furniture from OSI Outlet.  

Test Before You Buy

Visiting our warehouse in Hagerstown, Maryland allows you to test out task chairs before buying them.  You are also able to see the condition that it is in, and able to inspect it to see if there are any issues with it before your purchase, saving you time and money.

Save on Shipping or Delivering

Since our delivery area extends only about 90 miles from Hagerstown, Maryland, we can get your used furniture quicker than shopping through a big-box store, and allows us to get to know your businesses needs better.  This helps us keep your shipping costs, along with our delivery costs, to stay low.

Supporting Small Business

When you buy from OSI Outlet, you are supporting the economy in Hagerstown. You’ll also receive exceptional customer service and we can give you some advice on creating an inviting reception area or creating cool cubicles. You will be getting advice from people who truly know office furniture inside and out.

Save The Environment

A recent survey from Bentley University shows that 63 percent of full-time workers feel that a company’s impact on the environment is important when finding a new place to work.  Purchasing used office furniture allows you to be eco-friendly since you are not dealing with plastic wraps and new boxes. Not only are you giving this piece of furniture a new habitat, you are also reducing your carbon footprint by shopping locally and getting furniture that didn’t come from another part of the country.

Find that Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Used office furniture dealers often carry discontinued pieces of popular sets and also carry parts and accessories for popular brands. You will be able to find the accessories you are looking for your HON cubicle or other office furniture.  

Shopping at a used furniture warehouse will get you steeply discounted prices and will allow you to be flexible with what you buy. Find out how you can get more bang for your buck by contacting customer service today!