School Furniture Guide

As an educator, you make many important decisions. One of them is what type of furniture you will select for classrooms and offices, without breaking the bank.

According to the George Lucas Educational Foundation, an organization that works to improve the learning process of students in grades K through 12, well-planned classrooms make a difference. It’s also important to consider the furniture in other areas of your school; such as cafeterias, administrative offices, the nurses office, and library.

What Height Should Students be Seated?

Usually, classroom seating is made for a variety of heights. It’s important to consider the grade being taught in the classroom before purchasing seats and desks. Here is a good guide to go by.

Grades Pre-K and K: 12 inches Grades 1 and 2: 14 inches
Grades 3 and 4: 16 inches Grades 5 through 12: 18 inches

HON’s SmartLink Seating supports the way students move. While sitting in the flexible chairs, they can easily turn around, sit sideways, lean back, and stay comfortable and focused for longer periods of time. Additionally, the seats are lightweight, which makes moving them around easy. Some seats in the line are stackable. Four leg chairs are available in the sizes above to accommodate classrooms Pre-K through grade 12.

Source: HON

How durable should school furniture be?

Your students will use the furniture you purchase for years to come. Purchasing durable furniture will save you money in the long run. Students tend to doodle on desks or table when they lose focus or dent desks from writing too hard. You need a desk or table that will be durable, and provide plenty of space for students to work.

Here’s how to determine whether or not it will last:

  • Examining it. How does it look? How does it feel? Does it seem to be sturdy? Is it made with high-quality materials?
  • Seeking out reviews. With the age of the Internet, it is easy to find product reviews. Utilize the Internet to see what others are saying about the pieces of furniture you have your eye on.

With more classrooms looking for tables instead of desks to encourage collaboration amongst students, the HON Huddle is a great pick for a square classroom. Whether your class involves lots of group work, or is lecture based, the Huddle collection will give students plenty of room for their textbooks and notebooks, and allow them to work with others easily on a variety of projects.

I need new tables and chairs for the Cafeteria. What are people going with?

Cafeterias need to have stable tables that won’t cause students to spill sandwiches or beverages on them.  For larger cafeterias, HON has a variety of tables and stools that provide stability and flexibility in any cafeteria. The HR273012M has 13” diameter stools that can seat 12 students. The best part: these stools are made of easy-to-clean propylene.  For a smaller cafeteria, don’t be afraid to try the HRN2960M, which is a circular cafeteria table that you can either provide your own seats for, or have pre-installed stools.

Source: HON

How about some comfortable furniture for my library?

If you are looking for an inviting space for students to work, Steelcase’s Brody collection is an ergonomic workstation that will give students their own island to work in. For schools that provide laptops or tablets for students, they need a space that gives their gadgets power and a supportive surface that will prevent notebooks from crashing to the ground. Brody allows for students to work on their own, while also providing collaborative space to work on group projects (and also will cut down on noise in your library!)

Source: Steelcase

If you’re looking at new furniture for your classroom, you can sell your cubes and used office furniture through OSI Outlet. Fill out the form on the page today, and get shopping!