Office Chairs Redefined: An Entirely New Sitting Experience

When a company succeeds for over 100 years, you can count on them to provide you with cutting-edge, best-in-class product lines. When that company is Steelcase™, you get the office chair redefined.

Gesture and Amia from Steelcase represent chair innovation at its finest. Stylish and functional, both lines feature chair and stool options. And with a wide variety of upholstery, leather and base color choices available, there is certainly a polished seating solution to fit any office environment.

As the first chair designed to support the human body’s unique interaction with today’s technologies, the award-winning Gesture offers an entirely new sitting experience. With a back and seat that move as a synchronized system, Gesture provides each user continuous and persistent support. Gesture takes into account various body types and sitting preferences, allowing users to sit in a wide range of positions without losing comfort or flexibility. Now available with a shell back that’s perfect for lunch rooms and heavy traffic areas, Gesture can be tailored to align with traditional or contemporary office décor.


For another versatile seating solution that adds sophistication to any workspace, Steelcase presents their Amia line. With its patent-pending LiveLumbar system that contours to fit your spine, Amia offers constant lower back support and comes complete with a vast array of additional comfort features like 4-way adjustable arms, adjustable seat depth and a flexible front seat edge. Classically designed and weight tested, Amia is available in a variety of fabric upholstery or genuine leather options. For the ultimate in ergonomic support, choose Amia from Steelcase.

Amia 2

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