Filing Cabinets: Which One is Best for You?

How to Choose the Right Filing Cabinet

So, you’ve decided it’s time to organize your office documents with a high-quality filing cabinet, but out of all of the available filing cabinets, which one is best for you? At OSI Outlet, we have an assortment of two-drawer, four-drawer and five-drawer, letter- and legal-sized, vertical and lateral filing cabinets from which to choose, so take a look at our filing cabinet guide below to determine which cabinet is right for your purposes.

Letter- vs. Legal-Sized Filing Cabinets

HON Filing Cabinet

If you are a law firm, realtor or other business that utilizes many legal-sized documents, you will need a filing cabinet that can accommodate legal-sized paper. Most other businesses can utilize more common letter-sized cabinets.

Vertical vs. Lateral Filing Cabinets

Lateral Filing Cabinet

Vertical files are more deep than wide and are typically what most people envision when they think of filing cabinets. These types of cabinets are the most popular, as they require minimal surface area along the walls of your office. By contrast, lateral filing cabinets are more wide than deep. While they take up more surface area along the wall, lateral filing cabinets are still preferred for small spaces that can’t afford to have extra floor space taken away. In fact, lateral cabinets often work perfectly in personal offices, hallways, storage rooms and more.

Two-Drawer, Four-Drawer, or Five-Drawer Filing Cabinets

Two Drawer Filing Cabinet

If wall space is an issue or you don’t have thousands upon thousands of documents to file, a two-drawer file may be all you require. two-drawer cabinets are able to hold plenty of documents and are often all that is needed for many small businesses. Obviously, four-drawer or five-drawer filing cabinets will take up more wall space as they will be at least twice as large – regardless of whether you are utilizing a vertical or lateral file. However, they also hold twice as many documents, so if you think you may be cutting it close with a two-drawer cabinet, go ahead and spring for a larger model now. By doing this, you are giving yourself room to grow.

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