Make the Most of Your Used Furniture

If you own office furniture that has seen better days, you don’t necessarily have to throw those pieces away. Many items can easily be refurbished to extend their life. While it may be more cost-effective, at times, to replace your office and lobby furniture with comparable, used items, normally a few simple tips and tricks can help you make the most of your used office furniture.

Fresh Coat Facelift

Fresh Coat Facelift

You can breathe new life into most furniture pieces, by simply adding a fresh coat of paint or stain. Contrary to popular belief, most materials can be painted. Be sure you determine what material you are working with, prior to getting started, to ensure you achieve optimal results.

Wood: Most woods can be stained or painted, although there are some additional steps to take to guarantee a great result. Be sure you sand and prime your wood, prior to painting or staining it. You may need two or even three coats to create an even look. Always stain and paint with the grain. To avoid drips, bubbles, and other unsightly errors, wait for each coat to dry before starting the next one. Once your paint has dried, add a protective seal to finish it off.

Veneer and Laminate: It is absolutely possible to paint veneers and laminates. Just like with wood, simply sand, prime, and paint! Although veneer and laminate already feel smooth, sanding is very important when painting. Sand laminate down until it is very dull before priming it, or your paint may run off.

Since wood veneer is technically real wood, you can still paint, stain, and varnish it. Just be sure you are careful to sand with the grain and not sand too deep, as the veneer is typically extremely thin.

Plastics, Metals and Fabrics: You can also paint most plastics, metals, and fabrics. You will just need a specialty to purchase paint specified for that particular purpose. There are many plastic paints, metal paints, and fabric paints available. Do some research and choose the product type most ideal to your project’s needs.

Reupholster to Renew


Fabric furniture, such as task chairs can be given a new life with reupholstered fabric. You can choose to totally transform the look of your space by choosing new, unique colors and patterns, or you can opt for similar fabrics to replicate your original look.

To reupholster furniture, you will need a couple of tools at your disposal. At the very least, you will need a staple gun and enough fabric to recover your piece. Always use a powered staple gun, if you can, as this will free up a hand to tighten and secure fabric and ensure quick, effortless entry into both fabric and wood frames.

Examine your piece and be sure it is still stable enough for future use. Once you have the general dimensions and investigate the structure of your item, you will know what materials you need and can purchase your batting, stuffing, and fabric. Keep pricing in mind, especially if you plan to purchase an item to recover later. Average-sized chairs typically require six to eight yards of fabric, while an everyday couch might require 13-15 yards.

After adding additional cushioning or batting when necessary, it is time to recover the piece. Align your fabric with your furniture and secure it in place with your staple gun. Continue along the edges and be careful to avoid folds in the fabric.  

Flairs of Functionality


Adding a few touches of functionality to your new piece can add countless benefits and help you create a bold office space. Consider the purpose of the piece. Will you need to move it around the room easily? If so, installing a few caster wheels could make the difference between a small corner table and a portable work station. Do you want to hang your keys, purses or coats from your newly renovated entry hutch? Attach some hooks evenly across the top.

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