Reception Area Benches: Are They Right for My Business?

Why Should You Consider Reception Area Benches?

Reception area benches may be all the rave, but you might be asking yourself, “are they right for my business?” The good news is that reception benches are not only stylish and modern, but they are also affordable space-savers used in many industries. Great for hotels, restaurants, schools, libraries, airports, universities, legal institutions, malls, legal offices, doctors’ offices, hospitals and many other businesses, they might offer just what your office needs to leave a great and lasting first impression.

Modern & Stylish Appeal

HON Healthcare Welcoming Lounge Bench

Benches are often chosen by companies or practices for their modern appeal. They are sleek and can add the perfect polished touch to an inviting reception area or waiting room. There is a broad assortment of colors, fabrics, shapes and styles from which to choose, so there will always be a reception area bench to coordinate with your current office décor.

Space Saving

HON Soothe Bench

Because they can be linear or configurable and can line the walls or be strategically placed in the center of rooms and workspaces, benches can save a ton of space when compared to using individual chairs. Better still, they work perfectly in hallways and other tight spaces, so they can easily be used elsewhere throughout the space.


HON Versant Bench

Another great benefit to benches is they are extremely accommodating to patients, guests, or clients. By expanding seating options with the placement of an occasional bench or lining the entire reception area with rows of benches, you are able to accommodate more people and provide added comfort to your guests and visitors as they wait. When you add a bench to collaborative spaces and other areas throughout the rest of the office, you can be more accommodating to the teambuilding needs of your personnel, as well.


HON Versant Bench in Waiting Room

By providing ample seating in a single piece of furniture, it might be more affordable to furnish your office with benches rather than with traditional chairs and seating options. In addition, you can often find benches at used furniture stores, which can help you save even more money on your office furnishings. Used furniture can be a great alternative to purchasing new furniture, as many items are in new or like-new condition and can easily be given a second life in a new office space.

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