Reclaim & Salvage Materials in Office Space Design

If you work in a historic district or simply want to add touches of character to your office space, there are several ways you can give your space a “character lift.” By using reclaimed and salvage materials, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but you do have to be willing to think outside of the box. Whether you want to create an inviting reception area that matches your company’s personality, or simply are looking to take advantage of your historical building, there are a few things you should consider.

Questions to Ponder

Questions to Ponder

First, look at your building’s architectural design. Do you work in a 19th century building? Are there antique wood walls and floors? Whatever the appearance, choose furniture items, decor and accents to highlight the unique aspects of your space. For older spaces, a simple and affordable way to do this is to incorporate reclaim and salvage materials into your design.

Reclaim and Salvage Materials for Furniture and Accents

Reclaim and Salvage

Reclaimed wood materials can truly make a space stand out. They create an ambience of comfort that only wood can bring. Envision the impact of a beautifully reclaimed wood floor beneath unique, one-of-a-kind decor. Picture a whiteboard with a custom-made reclaimed wood frame. From flooring and chair rails to knick-knacks and frames, using reclaimed wood materials will make a lasting impact.

Purchasing Vs. DIY

Purchasing vs. DIY

  • By purchasing a ready-to-place piece made of reclaimed wood, you can rest easy knowing exactly what it will look like and choose your piece based on the color stain or variety of wood used.
  • If you DIY, you can choose your woods, add as much variety as you’d like, build the exact piece of furniture or design accent you envision to your exact dimensional preferences and relish in the pride of creating something with your own two hands. If you choose to DIY, be sure you measure your wood out properly and remove any nails, screws, or other debris. Make sure the pieces you choose are in good shape, free of mold, mildew, or other troublesome pests. Sand your wood, stain or paint it to your preferences and complete your piece by adding a finishing coat on top.

Keep your mind open to the potential of a piece. Is it salvageable? Will a fresh coat of paint breathe new life to it? If so, you can easily makeover your entire space affordably, adding character all along the way.

Benefits of using reclaim and salvage materials for your office design:

  • With antique pieces, you can still find items ready to be immediately placed in your office design, and these items are especially ideal, if you are looking for more of an exact replica of times gone by.
  • By choosing accent pieces such as antique lighting, wall hangings and knick-knacks, you can create a space that perfectly fits the feel of your building and your business.
  • You can save incredible amounts of money, by being patient and seeking out your accessories at consignment shops, antique stores and garage sales. As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

When you are looking to up the ante in your office design, add character and ambience to your space by utilizing our tips above to find used, reclaim and salvage materials to place within your office space design.