What Finish is Best for Your Desk?

Select the Best Finish For Your Desk

When looking for used office desks, Maryland residents and business owners know to trust the office furniture experts at OSI Outlet. Our team is known for our in-depth product knowledge and can help you choose the piece or pieces most suited for your design and functionality needs, including the finish of your desk. We outline what finish will work best with your design, along with how you can implement it in your own office.

Select Your Style

Woodgrain Laminate Desk

Depending on your budget, your style preferences and the primary function of your desk, different finishes may be recommended. Office desks usually come in laminate, wood veneer, solid wood, metal or glass. If you will be using your desk mainly to write, you will want a hard, smooth surface that isn’t easily marked, scratched or dented. In this case, we will typically recommend a denser finish such as laminate, metal, glass or a wood veneer. For those who can purchase a writing pad or who will be using their computer more than a pen, a solid wood desk can often more easily provide the look and feel of an executive suite.

Where Will Your Desk Be Located?

Turnstone Wooden Desk

We will also take into account where your used office desks will be located once they are purchased, as well as the overall design aesthetic of the rest of the office furniture in your space. If you are going to be using your new office furniture in a warehouse, laminate is your best bet. It will do better in the elements and be better able to fight off any heat or humidity. Glass and metal may be suitable, too. However, metal will rust if repeatedly exposed to water, and glass can crack or break if it is bombarded by equipment or other heavy items. Solid wood wouldn’t do as well in a weathered space. Solid wood does have its benefits, though. A solid wood desk is ideal for those who are looking to make a lasting impression. Regardless of the size, a solid wood desk is often viewed as a symbol of success, and for most businesses, solid wood furniture is never out of trend. In addition, solid wood furniture typically holds its value over time, allowing you to utilize the desk for many years to come.

Whether you are looking for a single item for your home office or have come to us for a broad range of office furniture in Hagerstown, MD or anywhere in our delivery area, our team can help you choose the perfect pieces for your budget and design aesthetic. From desk chairs and conference tables to filing cabinets and used office desks, Maryland businesses and residents can rely on our office furniture experts to provide the best recommendations each and every time.