What You Should Always Consider When Purchasing a Conference Table

Conference Table Purchasing Advice

When you are gearing up to purchase a conference table, there are several questions to ask yourself before finalizing your purchase. What makes high quality conference tables that will be durable enough to stand the test of time and how you can find options you will enjoy for years to come? View our simple list of what you should always consider when purchasing a conference table today and be well on your way to owning the ideal conference table for your business and workspace.

What Shape Is Best for My Space?

Conference Table with Chairs

Conference tables come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you opt for a round, oval, square, rectangular, L-shaped or other custom shaped table will depend largely on how many meeting participants you anticipate hosting and how spacious your conference room is. If you only have a small area to work with and will be meeting in small groups of six people or less, a square or round conference table might be the best option. Whereas, if you expect to host large parties or have a more rectangular shaped room to furnish, you will be better served with a longer oval or rectangular conference table.

What Size Table Does My Business Need?

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The size of your table will also depend a great deal on the size of your space and how many clients or staff may present to meetings. The key here is to measure, measure, measure. Also, don’t push your limits by purchasing a conference room table that doesn’t leave room for guests to pass comfortably behind chairs and around possible media equipment. Try to leave no less than four feet between the table and wall, if at all possible. For more details on table size, check out our blog post about table talk for other considerations.

Which Design Will Work Best for Now – and in the Future?

Square Conference Table

Your conference room table should not only match your brand and company culture, but it should also align and coordinate with the rest of your office furnishings. If you are a legal eagle and operate a very traditional law firm, you can safely stick with more traditional conference table designs, wood types and finishes. However, if your company is more modern and depends largely on portraying a very cutting-edge image, you need to opt with sleeker, more polished and innovative conference tables.

What Functionality is Needed for my Conference Space?

Conference Table with Opening

Many conference tables now offer added features such as data inputs, electrical outlets, cord management systems, specialty lighting and much more. Decide whether these types of features are important to you and your business, and if so, be sure to look for tables that offer the functionality you need to run your conference room in the most optimal way possible.

What Can Our Business Afford to Spend?

Whether you are searching for sturdy, traditional wood conference tables or looking for more modern and functional options, you do not have to break the bank to find the perfect piece. There are plenty of pre-owned furniture outlet stores that focus solely on office furniture and inventory a wide variety of conference tables.

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